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Back in 1991, Jeff Paul was homeless, dead broke, an embarrassment and a loser who was over $100,000 in debt just on his credit cards, living with his wife and 3 little kids in his sister-in-law's moldy basement...who discovered the simplest money making marketing formula ever utilized from an obscure book written in 1931.

Using this remarkable marketing technique, Jeff began raking in tens of thousands, and then in 1992, hundreds of thousands a month, all delivered to his checkbook automatically, while Jeff sat around his house in his underwear. Jeff was out of debt in a matter of a couple months, and went on to become a home based millionaire who lives the carefree lifestyle 99.9% of want...but only dream about.

Jeff is the author of the famous program and infomercial, "How To Make Money Quick And Easy Sitting At Your Kitchen Table In Your Underwear", which was sold to over 150,000 people, many of whom became their own home based million dollar successes using Jeff's proprietary techniques anyone can do.

In 1998, Jeff saw the internet as the most amazing marketing medium ever invented, and converted his offline marketing systems into internet and web site money making tools...and has exploded his wealth by millions more all on the web.

Since then, Jeff has taught thousands more people his stunning money making internet systems, and distilled them down into the simplest and easiest "Shortcuts To Internet Millions - 3 Clicks To Cash". Jeff's reveals ALL his proven, internet cash attraction secrets...and gives his students FREE money making web sites that anyone can get online making money...even if you know nothing about putting up web sites or internet programming.

If you can use can use Jeff's "Shortcuts To Internet Millions - 3 Clicks To Cash" to get your own web sites online, ready to automatically deposit cash into your bank account 24/7.

People pay Jeff $8,000 a day for consulting, and $5,000 to attend his seminars, but Jeff wants you to get ALL of his internet shortcuts for a fraction of that so you can be one his success stories in his next infomercial.