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The most valuable things you can do
According to Shortcut to Internet Millions Jeff Paul thinks market research really is not hard to do and it will give you great insight and be one of the most valuable things you can do.

Depending on your situation, you can conduct market research in a couple of different areas. One you can do broad research where you are looking at different fields and different subject areas and you might decide on something that’s profitable to build a business around even though you’re not in that industry now. Or you might decide to build a popular business around a particular trend that’s going on in our society. And you can possibly even adapt what you are currently doing to ride along on that current trend. Another way is to do research within your existing industry. According to Shortcut to Internet Millions Jeff Paul thinks you can conduct research and find out better what people in your current industry really want. Most people ignore their customers, and if you do constant market research, you’ll be able to keep on the cusp of what your market wants and continually innovate ahead of your competition.

According to Shortcut to Internet Millions Jeff Paul thinks, now the way to do research on-line is to go out to your search engines and look for the “top 100 websites”, or look for the most popular websites, or search for “best seller lists”, or search for “top 100 downloads”, and you’ll see what people are actually doing on the Internet, and there’s no better research than seeing what people are actually doing. And when these lists don’t really fit in your particular industry, you’ll still be able to understand what people are thinking and what they are wanting and you’ll be able to translate those possibly to your own industry, if not, then you can just continue looking until you find enough information. But by studying what’s working for other top businesses in your field and in other fields, you’ll find out enough information to adapt to your own business.